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MillWork Products
From Exotic Brazilian Hardwood

Wood is a natural material that has a natural thermal insulation quality, it is clean and has a durability that stays with us for generations. Solid wood adds sophistication and value to any home or office.

Fratelli Paladini imports and distributes the following high end hard wood products.

  • JAMBS & CASINGS - Pre-cut or Linear to specification
  • MOULDINGS - Pre-cut or Linear
    • Parquet
    • Floor Strips/planks
  • DECKING - Pre-cut or Linear
  • SHUTTERS/WINDOWS - Patio and Windows (available to match the doors)
  • Lumber from our selection –Pre-cut or Linear, KD or AD
  • Plywood & Veneer (available upon request)
By selecting our solid Wood you get craftmanship, efficient energy performance, and the unimistakable beauty and warmth of wood that lives for generations.