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Custom Made
Wood and Design of your Choice

Our manufacturers can create or recreate nearly any design to fit your architecture's style. All Custom Made doors are handcrafted from the finest pre-selected Exotic Brazilian Hardwood.

Custom Made Pre-hung entry with side-lites

K-100 / Entry

Ref. 1002 (12 diamonds)
Ref. 1002A (18 diamonds)
Office Entry

Ref. K-101

Ref. K-100A / Office Entry

Ref. Nos.
PM 36 - 4 Panels
PM 37 – 5 Panels
PM 38 – 6 Panels

Arched: Ref. 1.030
W/O Arch: Ref. 1.029

Ref. K-102
Ref. 1041

Ref. PM 9A
Ref. PM 9B