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High End Solid Hardwood Doors
You can choose from our Manufacturer Standard, Custom Made or Hand Carved Designs

Our doors are all handcrafted from the finest pre-selected Exotic Braziian Hardwood.
We do not mass produce. Each door is hand-built one at a time, to the exact specification ordered.
Doors, Panels, Moldings, Stiles, Rails, Mullions, Grilles, Casings and Jambs are all handcrafted of the same solid hardwood.
High-raised Panels fit into the space provided to allow free flowing.
Casings come in two sets of four each for both sides of the doors. French and Sash Doors come with sets of grilles of same hardwood.
Jambs and casings to match, are provided upon request.
Pre-hung doors are also available upon request.